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Fax: (08) 8984 4192
ABN: 24609472742

About Yolŋu Radio

Yolŋu Radio is a community development radio station providing information, music and entertainment to the Yolŋu people of North East Arnhem Land. We broadcast in the languages of the Yolŋu people.

We broadcast to six major communities and 30 homelands in North East Arnhem Land as well as Darwin and Palmerston. 13 of our 20 transmitter sites are remote homelands where Yolŋu radio is the only media service freely available.

The aims of Yolŋu radio are:

Radio Content

ARDS produce a range of content for radio including in-depth educational audio programs, community service and event announcements, and traditional music and ceremonies.

Audio Education Programs

We partner with communities, homelands and other service providers to develop audio education programs. Audio programs can be broadcast on radio, podcast on ARDS website or used for activities like face to face education sessions. To find out more email  or call 89 844174

Community service announcements

We provide a community service announcement service for information and events happening in our broadcast area.


ARDS provide a sponsorship service for organisations wanting to broadcast messages. For more information on our sponsorship packages email  or call 89 844174


We work with clan groups to record and broadcast traditional song cycles. We also play a range of contemporary local and national Indigenous music.

Oral Histories

Oral histories are recorded with Yolŋu elders and in many different Yolŋu languages.

Radio Plays

The ARDS team is developing radio plays as a creative and entertaining way to address important issues affecting Yolŋu people.

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  • Darwin 1530AM
  • Nhulunbuy 87.6 FM
  • Yirrkala 87.6 FM
  • Galiwin’ku 87.6 FM
  • Gapuwiyak 87.6 FM
  • Milingimbi 87.6 FM
  • Mäpuru 88.0 FM
  • Ban’thula 87.6 FM
  • Gurrumuru 88.0 FM
  • Garrthalala 87.6 FM
  • Gan Gan 87.6 FM
  • Balma 87.8 FM
  • Dhuruputjpi 87.8 FM
  • Donydji 88.0 FM
  • Yilpara 88.0 FM
  • Ramingining 102.9 FM
  • Wandawuy 88.0 FM
  • Ŋadayun 88.0 FM
  • Mirrŋatja 88.0 FM
  • Mata Mata 88.0 FM