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Below is a selection of Kava educational programs that we currently have playing on air on the Yolŋu Radio Service. Simply hit the play audio button to play any track in a popup window.

These files are in MP3 audio format and should play in your default Media Player when you click the Play Audio button.

Kava Programs

Kava - in the Liver
How Kava gets into the Liver (Length 10:47)
Kava - Lactons and the Brain
Effects of Kava on the brain- 5 Lactone chemicals (Length 13:17)
Kava - Liver failure
Some people will suffer liver failure (Length 12:25)
Kava - Liver gets tired
Effects of kava on the liver (Length 12:35)
Kava - Liver like dying reef
The Liver can die; metaphor of reef dying from dirty water (Length 8:19)
Kava - Meaning of the words muscle and flesh
Meaning of the words muscle and flesh (Length 11:20)
Kava - Muscle, Tendons, Veins, Fat , Nerves
Meaning of the words Muscle, Tendons, Veins, Fat , Nerves (Length 11:36)
Kava - Origins
The discovery of kava and related research (Length 5:55)
Kava - Poisoned Liver
How The Liver dies from too much poison: effects of kava (Length 9:46)
Kava - worldtrade
Why the world Kava trade stopped (Length 10:51)
Kava and the Liver
The role the liver plays in the body (Length 10:06)