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Below is a selection of Marijuana educational programs that we currently have playing on air on the Yolŋu Radio Service. Simply hit the play audio button to play any track in a popup window.

These files are in MP3 audio format and should play in your default Media Player when you click the Play Audio button.

Marijuana Programs

Marijuana - Chemicals in Brain
Marijuana - Community members can ring Police
Encouraging community members to call the police with any information (Length 11:05)
Marijuana - Effects 1 - THC
Talks about the effects of THC in marijuana on memory and anger (Length 11:18)
Marijuana - Effects 2 - Hunger of the smoker
Talks about addiction to marijuana and effects on the family (Length 12:10)
Marijuana - Effects 3 - Paranoia 1
Talks about the risk of paranoid episodes (Length 10:59)
Marijuana - Effects 4 - Paranoia 2
(Length 10:44)
Marijuana - Effects 5 - Getting THC out of body
(Length 10:44)
Marijuana - Effects 6 - Breaking down THC
(Length 12:20)
Marijuana - Have drug pushers got license to kill
Demystifying the belief that drug pushers have an authorised licence to sell drugs and kill people (Length 10:35)
Marijuana - Law - 3 Acts that give police powers
(Length 12:53)
Marijuana - Law - Can it be bought legally
(Length 9:25)
Marijuana - Law - Where police get powers from
(Length 12:41)
Marijuana - Personal Story
(Length 17:52)
Marijuana - Schizophrenia
The connection between Marijuana and Schizophrenia (Length 13:17)