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Below is a selection of Tobacco educational programs we currently have playing on air on the Yolŋu Radio Service. Simply hit the play audio button to play any track in a popup window.

These files are in MP3 audio format and should play in your default Media Player when you click the Play Audio button

Tobacco Programs

Tobacco - Marlboro Red Story 1
Talks about the use and effect of Marlbaro Red tobacco in Arnhem Land. (Length 12:02)
Tobacco - Marlboro Red Story 2
Discussion about the different effects of smoking tobacco in different ways (Length 13:37)
Tobacco - Smoking Causes Diseases
Further discussion on the relationship between smoking and asthma - Second hand smoke affects the children around you when you smoke, especially in a closed environment. (Length 14:47)
Tobacco - Smoking Causes Heart Diseases
Smoking more than doubles the risk of developing coronary heart disease. Quitting smoking, regular exercise, good food and water help reduce the risk of heart disease. (Length 16:11)
Tobacco - Smoking Causes Heart Problems
Smokers can develop heart disease and many other diseases later in life. (Length 13:20)
Tobacco - Smoking causes Lung cancer
Discusses the relationship between smoking and lung cancer. Smoking increases your risk of developing lung cancer. When you smoke around children it can trigger Asthma. (Length 19:55)
Tobacco - Smoking Kills 2
Djiniyini asks Richard why the doctors always tell people to stop smoking; causes serious physical problems to long term smokers which can result in physical disability and even death. There is 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette, 14,000 people are hospitalised everyday in Australia from smoking. (Length 15:48)
Tobacco - Smoking Kills 3
Further discussion about the dangers of smoking. Why there are warnings on packets and how this came to be. (Length 23:13)
Tobacco - Traditional Use 1
Two part program on the traditional Yolngu use of tobacco introduced through international trade in Arnhem Land. (Length 12:56)
Tobacco - Traditional Use 2
Second part of program on the traditional Yolngu use of tobacco introduced through international trade in Arnhem Land (Length 12:15)