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    Yolŋu Radio

    ARDS Yolŋu Radio is a community development radio station providing information, music and entertainment to Yolŋu people in their own languages.

    Germ Theory Education

    For over 10 years ARDS has been delivering successful germ theory education programs in Indigenous communities throughout the Northern Territory

    Make 2014 the year you learn a Yolŋu Language!

    Visit ARDS‘ comprehensive online store for all our language resources. We have audio CD’s, workbooks and dictionaries to support your learning journey.

    ARDS Annual Report

    ARDS Annual Report 2012 - 2013 contains messages from our Chairperson and Executive Officer, Staff profiles and projects that we have worked on in this period. To download go to our About Us tab, and select Annual Reports.


Aboriginal Resource and Development Services (ARDS) is an Indigenous organisation with 40 years experience in capacity building and adult education.

ARDS develops and delivers....

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